STEP4MIND – Saltash To Edinburgh Pedal


From Wednesday 25th July to 5th August 2018, David and Carole Chapple relay cycled from Saltash, Cornwall to Edinburgh. This was with one cycling while the other acted as a support vehicle. Most days were split into three sections with Dave starting and finishing the day with Carole doing the middle. At the end of each day they attended a comedy gig where they collected for the mental health charity Mind.

Several additional challenges were faced along the way. In Leicester, their bikes were stolen from the hotel car park despite being chained directly to the car. And in Leeds their car was broken into. Thanks to amazing support following an appeal for help via social media and Radio Leicester, Rutland Cycling lent two hire bikes for the rest of the trip. The comedian Jayde Adams also set up a GoFundMe page to pay for new bikes which raised a huge amount.

The total distance covered was 732 miles.
Please consider a donation directly to Mind via Justgiving.

Russell Howard

On the first night after arriving Russell Howard let us do an exit collection for Mind which raised £200. We caught up with him here to thank him. (He is genuinely as nice in real life as he comes across on TV)


5th August – arrived in Edinburgh after finishing. Student halls for next two weeks.

Rutland Cycles

With Stef at Rutland Cycling with our ‘rescue’ bikes.



First long training cycle together. Saltash to Tavistock and Back. Absolutely tipped down.


25 mile ride, last 10 miles we could not see because of the snow.


Promo banner for the challenge.

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