Day 10 – Friday 3rd August

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This day was in 2 sections and Carole took on the first and slightly longer one so she could then head off to Gateshead to get the car window replaced. It had one big hill in it but was otherwise uneventful. DARLINGTON TO DURHAM

Dave then took over in the worst rain of the trip for a supposed 15 miles to Newcastle. First up the mapMy Ride crashed on the first long hill out of Durham .

Then he arrived at the end point to find he had planned to the wrong point and was at the Stand in Newcastle rather than the hotel. Five miles later in further teeming rain he arrived at the hotel. DURHAM TO NEWCASTLE 

Shower and then drive back to the Stand. It was a lovely venue with a great Bistro and wonderful food and they really looked after us.
Our friend Marty Rigby (who we first met in Edinburgh several years before) came in “to bodyguard  youse for a couple of hours so nothing else goes wrong”. He insisted on buying our dinner and then took us out for a walk to see some of the sights. All the while he was bumping into people who knew and loved him. (We think he is secretly the mayor)


Marty Rigby, Newcastle legend!

The gig was fantastic and another nice collection. We were really well looked after. A lovely night.

43.69 miles cycles in 3hrs 43m
Running totals – 594.52 miles – 50 hours 23min



What will seem like a rest day with just under 40 miles cycling. Broken into two sections. Darlington – Durham – Newcastle.

We will be attending the Stand in Newcastle. TICKETS