Day 2 – Thursday 26th July

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After the weird and wonderful first day with a massive drive after the cycle, this was a bit more normal. We stayed at Taunton Deane services overnight so just had to drive back to the Heart of Oak in Exeter to pick up the cycle.

Leg 1 for Dave was supposed to be 17.91 miles to Culmstock. Its turned out to be 18.79 after the bike satnav tried to send him through someone’s house! He also got sent through a ford of 1 foot deep water at one point but it was a lovely, if a bit hilly at times ride, 1 hour 34 minutes. Six miles in he met a white van down a narrow country lane and it was VERY nearly another accident like he had six weeks before the event where he cracked three ribs (which are still hurting). Fortunately? this time the brakes did not lock and he steered himself into the hedge instead of hitting the oncoming vehicle.

Day02 Culmstock

Beautiful Culmstock

Carole took over in Culmstock for her relatively short stint into Taunton. She had a lovely ride but then got lost in the town centre and ended up doing 14.82miles instead of the 13.02 predicted. 1hr 20 minutes saddle time.

After this we chilled out in Taunton for a couple of hours knowing that we could not check into our AirBNB in Bridgwater until 4pm. Lunch then some charity shops before Dave headed off to Bridgwater around 2.30pm. After having the same problems as Carole finding where he was supposed to go, he finally made it onto the canal towpath and had a largely dead flat and beautiful ride all along the canal. 16.48 miles in 1hr 17m arriving at the McMillan Theatre at nearly 4pm.

We headed off to our AirBNB which was beautiful and enjoyed the lovely hospitality of James and James and their lovely bulldogs. A quick shower then off to Wetherspoons for the Vegan Curry Club option. Then to the McMillan Theatre for our double bill of previews. This time featuring the wonderful Scott Bennett and Tom Houghton. Two thoroughly enjoyable shows and each of us had our own favourite. Thanks to Trish for putting these on. We flyered and tried to do an exit collection from the small crowd, but they weren’t really interested so we only got about a fiver. But that’s more than we would have got if we hadn’t tried. Everything is a bonus.

The bigger bonus was a lovely night’s sleep in a beautiful bed.

Day 2 summary – Dave 35.27m – 2h 51m – Carole 14.82m – 1hr 20

Running total – Dave 68.43m – 5hr 34m – Carole 33.13m – 2h 55m


Cycle today is from Exeter to Bridgwater. Approximately 46 miles. Again broken into 3 sections where Dave will do the beginning and end and Carole will do the middle.
Gig will be at the McMillan Theatre and features a great double bill of Edinburgh previews has been put on by the wonderful Trish Caller of Genius Events. This features Tom Houghton (former member of ‘The Noise Next Door’ and the fantastic Scott Bennett. TICKETS HERE

The three sections go from the finish point yesterday The Heart of Oak, Pinhoe, Exeter EX4 8HS to The Culm Valley Inn, Culmstock, EX15 3JJ to The Brewhouse, Taunton TA1 1JL to The McMillan Theatre, Bridgwater TA6 4PZ