Day 4 – Saturday 28th July

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Dave was up and out of the AirBnB by 6am, heading for Malmesbury, a good thirty miles. A much cooler day with a blustery breeze, making it a better temperature for cycling but with what seemed to be first a side wind, then a head wind (we won’t mention the rear wind).

A tough first twelve miles, including one categorised climb, but after that, “a bit of a dawdle” in his words. Carole, having had the luxury of a teeny lie-in, (6.45am), said goodbye to the hens, and made it through the early morning Bristol traffic, out the other side and onto the M32 then M4 to Malmesbury and didn’t have too long before Dave arrived! A drink, a snack and Carole got herself off to Carterton, another 30 miles NE and to the most exotic meeting place of the day, the local Aldi. The ride was mostly flat, again through lanes and at one point bounding Cricklade, huge areas of water.

Ten miles out from her destination, Carole christened her Shewee (don’t ask) and then, two miles out, got drenched in a very heavy shower.  It was hard to see, A: through her eyewear, and B: the MapMyRide app on her phone in its bag on her bike. Once caught up with Dave, there was a few minutes wait as the skies emptied down, whereupon the sun promptly came out again and Dave started prepping for his second leg of the day (and our last – to Oxford).

The best thing about the Aldi changeover was being approached by a lovely lady called Andrea who asked if we were raising money for charity, and on being told yes, promptly handed over a fiver for the bucket. We had a chat about charities, and a few other things possibly best not mentioned here. We gave her a flyer and Andrea promised to follow our journey.

Soon enough, Dave was off on his twenty miler to Oxford while Carole braved the M4 for a short while again and so into Oxford. The borrowed Satnav is working an absolute treat. The most amusing thing on the drive being a toll bridge where she had to pay the princely sum of 5p to take the car over (it was mega expensive if you had a trailer (6p!) and if you were a lorry, well! (12p!!)

The first stop of the day in Oxford was to be the Jericho Cafe, a place that Dave had picked out because he had found that there was to be an open mic night tonight, in aid of Mind. Carole got there a good 40 mins before Dave arrived (getting lost in city centres is almost a given) and had had a lovely cuppa and a chat with the staff (who weren’t the same people who were running the open mic so didn’t know much about it).

Dave arrived, with a grin, having spotted the Mind charity shop just a few doors away, and after we’d had a very nice lunch, we went back and had our photos taken for their Mind newsletter. (We both had our Mind veloshirts on). Then, Dave had a couple of miles more to ride to the student halls where we were spending the night!

Day04 Mind Oxford.jpg

After a bit of a faff re getting parked and checked in, (Liddell Building, Christchurch College) we got showered and changed to head off to the Oxford Glee Club.
Glee was a fantastic night, good crowd including hens and stags but all of whom behaved well and respected the acts. Phil Jerrod MC’d brilliantly. Andrea Hubert stormed the opening spot. Jack Gleadow (new to us) was a really refreshing act to see, very zany and original. And Carey Marx nailed the headline slot like he has every other time we have seen him.
Phil gave a good bucket speech for us and we got a new record of just under £110. A great day all around.

Day04 Glee.jpg

Total miles for the day just over 83miles (Dave 53, Carole 30) – Running total 227 miles.

First of three long days in a row, nearly 80 miles from Bristol to Oxford where we will be attending the show at the Glee Club. Line up includes Andrea Hulbert, Carey Marx and Jack Gleadow so should be good.


Day is in three sections Bristol – Malmesbury – Carterton – Oxford.

Will be staying in Oxford University Halls.