Day 8 – Wednesday 1st August

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This was a relatively short day but turned out to be pretty tough. We made a slight change to the normal format where instead of Dave doing sections 1 and then 3, Carole started the day and then Dave combined the second and third into one long 37 mile ride.

Carole kicked off and hit a few troubles getting out of Manchester as it was trying to send her along the river path but the planned route was blocked. Eventually though she got going and it was a largely flat ride, BUT there were long cobbled sections and many locks, all ascending,  along the Rochdale Canal which were very tough.


Dave took over in Littleborough and had a first ten mile section largely along the same canal paths. Very cobbled indeed. When he reached Hebden Bridge things took a nasty turn with the hilliest section of the entire trip.


The section finished near Halifax and Dave popped to the local supermarket for some nutrition to keep going to the next 18 mile section into Leeds. Two big hills but nothing compared to earlier in the day.


While Dave was cycling, Carole got to the hotel in Leeds, (another IBIS) which turned out to have no parking. She was directed to park at an NCP ten minutes walk away and had to make two trips to get her bike and luggage to the room. This car park closed at 11pm so was going to be no use for later that evening as we had to make a very long trip to Newton Aycliffe for the gig that evening.

After Dave arrived and had a shower we left to get the car and embark on the 3 hour round trip to the gig. This turned out to be a surprisingly good evening’s comedy as the pub hosting it was a little reminiscent of a cross between American Werewolf in London and Phoenix Nights. First appearances can be deceptive and the night was lovely and the locals were very friendly. Dave also made friends with the pub dog who was later responsible for a great heckle. A nice bucket topped up by £20 from the landlord and we drove back very happy. We parked in a car park directly opposite the hotel next to a Ferrari and while a police van was waiting there. Little were we to know what was to come in the morning…

Daily total 57.71 miles cycled 5 hours 58 minutes saddle time.

Running total 471.34 miles cycled 40 hours 35 minutes saddle time



A relatively short day into three sections Manchester – Littleborough – Halifax – Leeds. Around 56 miles. But quite hilly.

After the cycle we will be driving to Newton Aycliffe for the gig which will be the first of two nights with our friends Hilarity Bites –  TICKETS