Day 9 – Thursday 2nd August

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After a very late night previously we allowed a lie-in until 7am and planned for a start at 8 knowing we had a long days cycling ahead.
We were not ready for what was to face us when we got to the car ready for Carole to drive to Little Ouseburn and Dave to cycle there.
Someone had smashed into the car and left a right mess. They had torn open our unopened box of flyers and strewn some around. They had thrown around some clothes from our box of spares. But it turned out they had only taken a spare combination lock, our first aid kit and most upsettingly our pull up banner which was being signed by all the comics we met en route.
We reported the theft to the police, Carole rang autoglass and arranged for a new window to be replaced in Gateshead the following day and we set about clearing up the mess – broken glass everywhere.


View from hotel to our car – you can see Ferrari behind us untouched and Carole stood by car.

The most upsetting bit was that for the 90 minutes we were clearing up the mess, not one of the 100s of people who walked by said a thing. With most of the damage cleared up Dave set off leaving Carole to tape up the window and then drive to meet him. We were well behind time by this stage.
Dave set off on stage one from Leeds to Little Ouseburn. This was hill at the beginning but otherwise a nice ride.
Carole took over and did 26 miles to Maunby where Dave had fallen asleep in the car waiting for her. LITTLE OUSEBURN TO MAUNBY
Dave then took over for the last 25 miles to Darlington (the map tried to take him through a private estate at one point so he had to improvise the route for 10 miles). MAUNBY TO DARLINGTONFortunately since we had no car window at this point, we had a secure underground car park.

We ate and then drove 15 miles to the gig in Northallerton. Nice venue and lovely gig. And very generous crowd. Not too late a day to bed and the last shorter ride to come the following day.

Day total 78.45 miles – 6h 5m
Running total 550.83 miles – 46h 40m



Quite a long and quite a hilly day. 3 sections Leeds – Little Ouseburn – Maunby – Darlington. Just over 75 miles.

After the cycle we will be driving to nearby Northallerton for the second gig with Hilarity BitesD09P1D09P2D09P3